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PCMO & Gas Engine Oil
PCMO and Gas Engine Oil are custom lubricants designed for internal combustion engines, optimizing performance and reducing fuel usage by minimizing friction. They effectively cleanse the engine, extend its lifespan by preventing wear, and aid in cooling, essential across automotive, industrial, and processing sectors for enhanced efficiency and durability.
Gear & Transmission Oils
Gear and Transmission Oils are tailor-made lubricants for vehicle and machinery gears and transmissions. They ensure smooth operation, even in low temperatures, with high oxidation stability. By reducing friction, they enable seamless gear motion, improving system performance and longevity. Widely used in automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors for enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant made of oil, thickener, and additives, acting as a barrier against contaminants and decay. It's easier to contain than oils, ideal for leak-sensitive areas. Grease suspends solids, guarding against abrasive wear, maintaining stability under pressure. Widely used across industries for prolonged equipment life, lower maintenance, and superior performance in harsh conditions, its versatility suits various mechanical applications.
Two Wheeler 4 Stroke Oil
Two Wheeler 4 Stroke Oil is tailor-made for motorcycles and scooters, offering enhanced oxidation stability for prolonged engine life and protection against heat breakdown. With superior thermal stability, it sustains viscosity even at high temperatures. Typically low in SAPs, it minimizes emissions, prolongs catalytic converter life, and boosts engine efficiency, reducing maintenance for a smoother ride.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), comprising urea and deionized water, reduces harmful emissions from diesel engines by converting nitrogen oxides (NOx) into benign nitrogen and water vapor. This curbs pollution, reduces engine wear, enhances fuel efficiency, and maintains quality in all climates. DEF is vital for environmental compliance and improved air quality in automotive and transportation sectors.
Agriculture Oils
Agriculture oils encompass a range of lubricants crucial for farming machinery like Wet Brake Oil, Tractor XLD 20W40 CF 4, and Pump Set Oil. Processed from refined petroleum, they ensure optimal performance, longevity, and protection against wear in various agricultural equipment. Industries rely on them for smooth operations, improved efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs, enhancing overall productivity and sustainability in farming practices.
Coolant Oils
Coolant oils are vital for managing engine temperature in vehicles and systems. Widely used in automotive industries, they boast unique thermal capacity, chemical inertness, low viscosity, and non-toxicity. Preventing rust in cooling units, they safeguard engines from overheating and guarantee prolonged system lifespan. With their ability to regulate temperature effectively, they play a crucial role in keeping up optimal engine performance and longevity.